Who we are

Fairest Care Limited

To provide the best family-focused care for our clients, we conduct comprehensive care needs assessments and work closely with both the client and their families to develop detailed care plans. During this process, we strive to understand our clients on a personal level, enabling our care workers to engage in conversations that are meaningful and evoke happy memories, making each care visit something to look forward to.

Albert Biete


Fairest Care Ltd offers personalized and adaptable personal care services that can complement existing care provided by family members or act as a substitute when family support is no longer available. Our primary goal is to support individuals in maintaining their independence within the comfort of their own homes. Through our extensive network of partners, we actively encourage community participation and engagement in local activities.

We carefully select compassionate and naturally caring individuals to join our team of care workers, who are committed to providing respectful support to those in need. We prioritize the professional development of our care workers, investing in their training to ensure the highest standards of care are delivered. By taking care of our care workers, we ensure they are fully equipped to take care of you.

Fairest Care has embraced technology to enhance the quality of care and support we provide. Our tailor-made software securely stores all necessary information, allowing us to operate a near paperless system and reduce our carbon footprint. Combined with our comprehensive training program, this technology ensures our clients receive the highest level of care and support.

At Fairest Care Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering personalized care services that prioritize the well-being and happiness of our clients. Join us in creating a nurturing environment where independence thrives, and loved ones can continue to live fulfilling lives within the comfort of their own homes.

Our approach to care encompasses the holistic well-being of our clients, addressing their health, emotional, and safety needs. We actively promote social inclusion and independence, aiming for our clients to maintain or regain their place within their local community.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We aspires to be acknowledged as the foremost and reliable provider of top-tier care and support services for individuals requiring assistance and care, regardless of their circumstances.

Our commitment is to consistently deliver the utmost quality of personalized care and support services, empowering clients to preserve their dignity, independence, and enhance their overall. well-being, health, and quality of life.

We provide a Community of Care Services for Life’s journey. Our values are what we care about the most: Independence, Respect, Dignity, Trust, Reliability and Commitment.