Fairest Care Ltd, Derby

A fair solution to your care needs

Welcome to Fairest care

At Fairest Care, we employ a distinctive approach to providing care, ensuring that the individual is at the core of all aspects of their well-being. Collaborating with all stakeholders, we actively contribute to shaping the present and future landscape of care. Our goal is to establish innovative standards in delivering specialised care, utilising a strategic network of sites that offer a comprehensive care pathway. Albert Biete, Chief Executive Officer


Our proficient teams. manage three fundamental care services, catering to clients with diverse care requirements. These needs encompass spinal cord injuries, assistance with catheters for continence care, bowel management for individuals with spinal cord injuries, peg feeds, tracheostomy, diabetes management, Parkinson’s disease, and numerous other health conditions.

Live in care

Your resident caregiver will provide assistance tailored to your particular care requirements, encompassing companionship, personal care, dietary and nutritional needs, household upkeep, and any other domestic tasks you may need help with.

Domiciliary care

With our range of domiciliary care services, your care plan with us is person centred which is regularly reviewed when your care needs change, from providing emergency care service to round-the-clock support.